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During my annual trip to lough Corrib in pursuit of it’s truly Wild Brown Trout, the Mayfly hatch did not really get going in the Corr na Mona area of the lough where I stay. The unusual weather over the winter with the water about 2 metres above summer level (that’s a lot of water for a 30 mile long body of water) and a cold snap in the spring threw everything out. So much so that it was extremely difficult to find hatching fly and rising fishing. In addition the wet fly was not producing as expected, so the local advice was to fish top of the water - Dry fly and Dapping - no hardship for me as these are my preferred methods.


The conditions during the week varied from very rough and almost unfishable to flat calm - so it was challenging!


Having built up my excuses for failure it wasn’t a bad week fishing wise, in fact I am told it was the best weeks fishing of the Mayfly season this year.


Day 1 was rough, very rough and while the fish were rising fairly freely to Dries they would not stick. I did manage 1 fish of about 2 3/4lb to a French Partridge fished Dry.


Day 2 again it was very, very rough with continuous rain. 2 fish came to the Dap the biggest between 3 ½  - 4 lb. This was my best fish of the week. Lost a very large fish (why is it we only loose big fish?) off the shallows.


Day 3 finally found some Mayfly - 13 fish biggest about 2 ½lb to Dries and Dap.


Day 4 weather still very rough moved to the South Lake and had 4 fish to 2 ¼lb on the Dapped natural.


Day 5 clear blue sky and a flat calm. No fish.


Day 6 the final day, a good wind but very few fly showing. 5 fish to the Dap.


It was a strange year, the Dry fly brought up a lot of fish but hooking into them proved to be well nigh impossible. The few that were hooked were mostly undersize (less than 13 inches). On the other hand fish that came to the Dap were bigger, of the 25 I caught only 3 measured less than 13 inches. It was definitely the year of the Dap - my total far exceeded anything caught upto that time.


Finally, I wonder if perhaps the fish were particularly line shy - preferring the artificial and the natural with no line laying on the water.  Whatever the reason I enjoyed a fantastic weeks fishing and can’t wait until next year.

John Lewis.

The Fishing Museum Online

Have you ever visited The Fishing Museum Online?  It covers fly, coarse and salt water fishing and includes sections on fishing tackle and a library.

The library comprises pdfs of books important in the history of fishing, which may be downloaded at no cost.  It includes titles such as Pritt’s “Yorkshire Trout Flies”, Halford’s “Floating Flies and How to Dress Them” and “Ogden on Fly Tying”.  The reason why you do not have to pay for these downloads is that the copyright has lapsed because of the years that have passed since their publication, and some dedicated folk have been willing to spend time scanning them.  The pdf format might not be as satisfying as the beautiful leather-bound reprints that are produced from time to time, but if you are thinking of buying a copy why not check whether it would be of interest before spending your money?  The site contains a link to Medlar Press via its “Shop” where you may purchase some of the titles.

This site is well worth visiting for anyone with an interest in fishing.  You can reach it by following the link below.



Adrian Pound




Davy's Knot

Famous Flies by Adrian Pound.  See newsletter section.








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