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Current activities


17th MAY 2016

at Springhill Fishery with the kind permission of Terry Beal

Please see the news letter for full details

This season has started well at Springhill.
At last, the fish have become a little more
discerning and are now taking other colours
than orange!! Last week on a mainly white
concoction, my biggest was a very hard
fighting rainbow of 3 1/2llbs followed by a
lovely 2 1/2llb " blueback" ( Hybrid rainbow,
looks and fights like a sea trout! )
A little tip.
All was going well in the morning, but come
the afternoon, I began to lose fish.
On checking the hook point I found it was
ever so slightly blunt. Out came the
diamond sharpener and hey presto no more
lost fish! Of course, we do have to fish with
barbless hooks at Springhill, so it is 
imperative that the points are sharp!
As usual, Springhill is the venue for the
CGFDG BIG FISH competition on the
17th May. Please do come along to this
evening as we have a great time and I do
know there are some special fish being
put in for the event
Tight Lines,
David Chatham

Social Evening

Tuesday 5 July 2016


Henry Elwes has been persuaded by Nigel Holmes to offer a tour of his Arboretum at Colesbourne Park GL53 9NP which is on the A435 between Cirencester and Cheltenham.   Please ask if you don’t know where it is.   The tour will take about 1 hr 20 mins;  please assemble in front of the house at 6.00 p.m. so the tour can start promptly at 6.30 p.m.  



The Fishing Museum Online

Have you ever visited The Fishing Museum Online?  It covers fly, coarse and salt water fishing and includes sections on fishing tackle and a library.

The library comprises pdfs of books important in the history of fishing, which may be downloaded at no cost.  It includes titles such as Pritt’s “Yorkshire Trout Flies”, Halford’s “Floating Flies and How to Dress Them” and “Ogden on Fly Tying”.  The reason why you do not have to pay for these downloads is that the copyright has lapsed because of the years that have passed since their publication, and some dedicated folk have been willing to spend time scanning them.  The pdf format might not be as satisfying as the beautiful leather-bound reprints that are produced from time to time, but if you are thinking of buying a copy why not check whether it would be of interest before spending your money?  The site contains a link to Medlar Press via its “Shop” where you may purchase some of the titles.

This site is well worth visiting for anyone with an interest in fishing.  You can reach it by following the link below.



Adrian Pound




Frampton Country Fair


This year’s Fair was as good as ever – lots of events in lots of arenas, far too much to see and still have time to demonstrate a bit of fly tying in the Rural Skills tent!   Nigel and Adrian were hard at it most of the time, with Dave Orritt’s friend Rob tying beautiful Daddies on a loom;  however, all the chaps had pushed off for a bite to eat when suddenly there were lots of stewards around and HRH Sophie Wessex appeared at the guild’s stand which was being manned (or is it womanned) by Lilla!   She was most interested in Nigel’s box of amazing salmon flies, particularly the “mouse” made of deer hair - she had never seen a mouse running across water and would salmon really eat them?   She has tried salmon fishing without success and trout fishing at a trout farm where they queue up to take anything, so we had a chat about stillwater fishing with ordinary flies (I was tying a Guiting Special) and the small numbers of female trout-fishers (she might take up the sport when she retires).   That box of flies always interests passing visitors – children look at the bugs and the mouse, and their fathers admire the beautiful “properly dressed” salmon flies!   We had a number of promises to attend the Guild meetings, and hope to get a few more members through the Fair, but it doesn’t really matter, as it is such an enjoyable day out.


Lilla 21.9.15

Davy's Knot

Famous Flies by Adrian Pound.  See newsletter section.


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