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Welcome to Cheltenham & Gloucester Fly Dressers Guild. We meet at the Hucclecote Community Centre  GL3 3RT on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays every month at 8pm.

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Hucclecote Community Centre

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"The Eel in crisis"


Many years ago, when I was at school,


 some of my friends used to fish in the


 Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. 


 Whenever I asked them what they


 had caught the response was nearly


always “Not much.  Just a couple of eels.” 


 The presence of eels was taken for granted. 


 Unfortunately, the same cannot be said today.


Tuesday evening’s talk will be “The Eel in Crisis”


by Andrew Kerr of the Sustainable Eel Group.


  He will explain the problems faced by the


 eel and efforts made to encourage the


revival in their numbers.


To find out more information on this


 organisation follow the link