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2019 Program

15-Jan-19 Paul Barnett - Titanic Effort - RMS Carpathia's Dash to Save a Stricken Liner
5-Feb-19 Fly Dressing Course 3 & 8
19-Feb-19 Steve Skuce - Grayling Flies
5-Mar-19 Tackle Bring & Buy Sale
19-Mar-19 AGM
2-Apr-19 Fly Dressing
16-Apr-19 Fly Dressing Course 4 & 9
7-May-19 George Barron
21-May-19 Big Fish Competition
4-Jun-19 Entomology and Casting Evening at Colesbourne Park
18-Jun-19 Fly Dressing Course 5 & 10
6-Jul-19 Social Evening - Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway Fish & Chip Special - Train departs from Toddington Station at 7:00 pm
16-Jul-19 Talk
3-Sep-19 Fly Dressing
17-Sep-19 Talk
1-Oct-19 Fly Dressing
5-Oct-19 Grayling Fishing
15-Oct-19 Fly Dressing
5-Nov-19 Fly dressing - demonstrating competition flies
19-Nov-19 Fly Dressing and Photographic Competition
3-Dec-19 Talk
13-Dec-19 Christmas Dinner
 Events in Bold Type will be held at The Hucclecote Community Centre





 14 June 2019

Entomology & Casting

Evening at Colesbourne Park

7.00 pm

Yes it's still on bring a